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Message for users/drivers
Subject: sports seats EXPERT manufactured by Bimarco Company

Please be informed that in order to provide the highest level of safety, Bimarco manufacturer tested EXPERT seats with FIA STANDARD 8855-1999 tests. For these tests different types of brackets available on the market were used. Studies have shown the need to develop our own design brackets that will work optimally with the seat in the most extreme events. Therefore, in the agreement and according to the FIA recommendations following decisions have been taken:
1. FIA homologation No. CS.057.02 (FIA technical list No 12) on the sport seats under the trade name EXPERT will be terminated.
2. The FIA will issue a new homologation for seat EXPERT 2, in next couple weeks, which will be placed with the additional label informing about the need of using Bimarco brackets with them.
3. Seat EXPERT, which are currently in use will be able to be still in use under FIA approval under following conditions:
- Inspect the seat by manufacturer (free of charge),
- Obtain new homologation sticker and hologram described above in section 2. Note that the new sticker and hologram will be fitted exclusively by Bimarco. free of charge),
- Obtain an instructions of safe installation (free of charge).

In cases involving Expert seat, please contact us at:
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